Faculty We Seek

We continue to pray for those qualified individuals God has ordained to teach at the university (See the "ACU Education Philosophy" for further details). We seek individuals who desire to be involved in evangelism, discipleship, and to teach at various levels:
    (1) those who can assist in teaching the whole narrative of God: who God is, Lucifer's fall, creation in Jesus Christ, man's disobedience and fall from Christ, God's Covenant relation with His chosen people, His promised redemption through Christ, and with the ultimate consummation of all things under Christ. This outline encompasses our evangelism foundations. Also,
    (2) those with a minimum of a Master's degree in their discipline, and
    (3) those with a Ph.D. in their discipline.
This work promises to be a rewarding, while a challenging task for the faculty team for several reasons:
    (i) Cross-cultural bridging can be facilitated. As curriculum is developed jointly, the clear communication of intended meaning can be accomplished and joint understanding of differences in worldview can be explored and understood.
    (ii) An environment for academic growth and Christian development is established for all involved. While the approach to a deep expression of Biblical epistemology is developed, the environment will educate and equip all involved to be better teachers, communicators and researchers in their academic discipline and in their Christian walk in general.
    (iii) Opportunities for Christian research and publishing will be generated. As teams develop in reformulating curriculum and exploring the impact of worldview on the expression of truth, all individuals involved should find opportunity to explore creative ways to share the knowledge and truth evolving from this experiment. ACU views this as an opportunity to reform Christian higher education, and the more creative our faculty are in discovering the implications of this experiment, the more this model can influence the direction of Christian higher education to the glory of God and the expansion of His kingdom.
    (a) We seek unity in teaching according to the Reformed traditions encapsulated by the five Solas (See "About ACU", the "ACU Faculty Affirmation of Faith" and the ACU Core Values). Therefore, we are trusting God to draw those who hold like convictions from all around the globe with specialization in all of the academic disciplines, from anthropology to zoology.
    (b) Our desire is to teach from a Christian epistemological worldview so that everything that is taught reflects the preeminence of Christ to the glory of God (for a brief overview, see "ACU Biblical Basis of Education"). This requires significant effort for every professor to reformulate the knowledge-base in their discipline, enabling them to teach their area of specialization through a pure Christian epistemology to God's glory in every lecture.
    (c) ACU envisions this as an ideal opportunity for research and publications in every academic discipline. This experiment1 in reformulating the knowledge-base of each discipline from a completely Biblical epistemology will be uniquely contextualized to Africa. Modernism's exalting of man's reason and intellect above God has had less impact in Africa. Therefore, much of Western-derived apologetics through human reasoning (to the extent that God's very existence is at the mercy of man's conception of rational and objective proof) will only have application predominantly as an academic study. Postmodernism's deconstruction of meta-narratives and boundless relativism, resulting in radical situational ethics and the domination of irrationality, has had much less impact in Africa, and again, will only find application as enlightenment to Western decomposition and preparation to minister in a Western context. The opportunity in Africa to reformulate the knowledge-base of one's academic discipline from a pure Biblical epistemology, exalting the preeminence of Christ in all revealed truth, can be explored in this environment of academic free-expression without the complicating apologetics bowing to man's suppression of truth which clearly reveals God's invisible attributes (Rom 1:18-23). ACU envisions this as an opportunity rich for academic Christian research and publishing as one develops assessment and comparative tools for substantiating the impact of worldview on epistemology and truth in each academic discipline. This opportunity could readily afford a reformation in academic Christian research and higher education as the full, cross-disciplinary effects of such a revolutionary experiment are explored and appreciated.
    (d) As a cross-cultural effort for all of our non-African faculty, the job requires the added privilege, and responsibility, of learning the rich, national culture of Zambia and, to the extent possible, familiarizing oneself with the African worldview in order to communicate most effectively while having the most significant impact in student's lives. While Zambia is English-speaking, enculturation becomes challenging as the language may be in common, yet the cultural and worldview separation may complicate the clear communication of intended meaning. This is a unifying work of the university community in assisting our international members in this task, and we believe the Holy Spirit uses these efforts to clearly demonstrate the love of Christ through each person, allowing evangelism and discipleship to take on the "meat" of relationship building.
    (e) When possible, we intend to match every international instructor with an African colleague in their academic discipline for several advantages:
    (f) We desire every professor to be directly involved in evangelism and discipleship. This requires both a lifestyle that faithfully reflects the Word of Righteousness that we teach, and a desire to develop relationships with those we are teaching. Together we can pray and encourage one another in understanding and fully applying the Scriptures in all areas of life, trusting the Holy Spirit to humble each of us to His sanctifying, transforming work in renewing our minds. This is a critical area for seeing the Holy Spirit do His deepest work at the root of transforming the student's worldview to that of Christ.
    (g) We trust God to call out His laborers for this harvest work and to supply them with sufficient means beyond what the university can supply to allow them to serve in this work. While there is a symbolic cost for each student to attend the university, it is not possible to reach the academic standards desired through the funds raised through tuition. For this reason, we trust God to supply His laborers for this task with what is necessary. ACU, under God's provision, strives to be as self-sufficient with as many of the consumables as possible (thus, the importance of the location). We trust God to enable the university to provide housing and much of the consumables necessary for every professor and staff coming to work at the university. As delineated in the "ACU Relevant Issues", the environment created by striving for self-sufficiency, the requirement to develop the necessary infrastructure and consumables, plays a multifaceted, critical role in the overall discipleship and life transforming work of the Holy Spirit through ACU's education.
  1 "experiment" in this context can be understood in the Puritan frame of holistically experiencing application of truth to one's life.  

Current Faculty Needs

We are currently seeking qualified faculty to teach in the upcoming diploma and degree programs. The initial program offerings include Theology, Education, Agriculture, and Business. We hope to have faculty in these roles as early as 2015, with the projected first year of the diploma program in 2016. Rapid expansion into the breadth of the humanities and science disciplines will follow. If you are interested in becoming a part of the ACU faculty, or would just like more information, please feel free to contact us or you may submit an application for Faculty, Theological Faculty or Staff.

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