Conrad Mbewe - The African Worldview

Biblical Worldview and the African Context

Dr. Kenneth Turnbull, Vice Chancellor, ACU

As evidenced in our fundamentals, being called to reflect in finite ways what God is infinitely, we attempt to institute programs designed to offer all students the opportunity to discover and give expression to their potential in each facet of their redeemed humanness. We seek to accomplish this in an environment that will promote unity and the expression of love as servants of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Achieving this aim requires our acknowledgement, prayerful consideration and examination of relevant moral issues common to all men, but with our attention especially focused on issues related to Zambian culture. We seek to examine these issues in the light of God's Holy Scriptures under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, seeking ways to structure programs and the environment of the university to assist in addressing these issues.

The following is a brief assessment of the top eleven issues identified, and our approach towards, we pray, faithfully applying the Scriptures to treating them through God's leading at ACU. While these issues are common to all cultures as "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God," their expression has cultural intricacies in the African worldview that may enlighten our humble attempts in treating them in submission to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

In addressing issues of our fallen humanness, our response will always be to confess our weakness, our sin, and in forgiveness through Jesus Christ to submit to the Holy Spirit in His work of sanctification, bringing us into the fullness of the image and likeness of our Creator in His infinite attributes. We must diligently strive to identify and destroy the idols intentionally or unintentionally erected within our thinking which hinder our complete submission to God's sovereignty in our lives.

Relevant Issues full document is available.
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