Introduction to E-Learning at African Christian University

ACU strives to ensure that online classes and our E-Learning portal provides you the same quality and benefits as on-campus classes and to ensure your academic experience is flexible and simple. Like a traditional class, E-Learning courses require the same dedication and self-discipline to succeed. You still have to read the textbook and/or other class reading materials, follow a syllabus, hand in your assignments on time, and do well on quizzes and exams required for the course.

Steps To Take

Step 1: Get clearance from the Accounts Office. This can be done by paying at least 30% of the termly fee. When this done, your courses will be assigned to you.

Step 2: Type (Moodle) in your web browser.

For questions, problems or any issues on the student portal (Moodle), please feel free to contact:

For questions, problems or any issues with the Accounts Office, please feel free to contact:

Access the e-learning portal here.

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