Degree Programmes

ACU offers 4-year Bachelor Programmes with a Core Curriculum developing the Christian Worldview foundation for critical thinking across the breadth of the humanities and sciences. The initial degree programme offerings allow studies with a range of specialisations in Theology, Education, Business and Agriculture, each allowing various sub-specialties. The academic programme offerings will continue to expand to include the full breadth of the humanities and science disciplines.The Degree Programmes commenced in January, 2017.
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Please see the following documents for detailed descriptions of the Degree Programmes. Various Degree specialisations can be customised from within the four disciplines or through cross-disciplinary combinations. If you do not see a specific Degree Programme of interest, please contact us for information on possibly customising a programme.

ACU Degree Programme Descriptions
Christian Worldview Core Curriculum adobe iconACU Christian Worldview Core Curriculum
Initial Degree Programmes
adobe iconACU Agriculture Degree Programme
adobe iconACU Business Degree Programme
adobe iconACU Education Degree Programme
adobe iconACU Theology Degree Programme

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