African Christian University



We welcome your fellowship with us in giving financial support for ACU. The Reformed Baptist Churches of Zambia initiated the goal of establishing an indigenous, Christ-centered university. The goal of the 425 campaign is to have 400 USA partners donate $25 per month (Total of $10,000/mo) in support of this endeavor. However, any amount donated toward the initial development of ACU in Zambia is greatly appreciated.

ACU-425-campaign-smWant to support a student for his/her education? Please consider giving toward "Student Scholarships" (follow the link for more details; contribute through the link below). Your contributions will assure that we can provide the highest quality education to as many students as we are able.

local_church_firstRevised-ACU-USA-Tax-ExemptACU-USA is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization (501(c)3) in the United States that receives donations for the support of ACU. If you are faithfully giving to your local church then we welcome your fellowship with us in giving from your abundance to support the work of ACU.

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