The Purpose Statement of ACU

By Dr. Ken Turnbull, Founding ACU Vice-Chancellor
Published June, 2014

ACU is committed to upholding common values that would identify Christian character in our given cultural context. The goal of ACU is to equip every student through a mentored approach with the basic truths, knowledge and abilities that allow learning and advancement of skills individually and in unity with others in any discipline of study, interdisciplinary application or technical vocation, thereby preparing individuals to excel in the wholeness of life. Biblical discernment practiced through studies across history, cultures and disciplines sharpens grammar, rhetoric and logic skills to the highest academic standards. Integrating astute labor in various professions, services and technical vocations most relevant to African developmental needs combined with the exercised ability to self-teach through study and investigation produces servant-leaders able to innovate benevolent developments in Africa.

ACU’s passion is to serve God’s kingdom in a world corrupted by the fall, but experiencing God’s common grace and saving grace. Our educational task is to inspire and equip Christian students to be faithful stewards of their God-given abilities. This task must be based on a proper relationship to the true and living God, for knowledge and wisdom begin with the fear of the LORD. ACU seeks to contribute to building up the universal Church, the body of Christ, the locus of God’s activity in the world. The church and family have direct responsibility for encouraging faithfulness to God. ACU supports their efforts by identifying and nurturing, in our students, the spiritual, academic and social skills needed to exalt Christ.

All of ACU’s programs are designed to prepare God’s people to be faithful stewards of their academic gifts, faithfully exalting Jesus Christ. This is accomplished by searching out the riches of the created order unfolding the latent potential in the natural, aesthetic, and moral world. In addition Christ is exalted as we work to build up the body of Christ and united in the love of Jesus, to serve the needy, fallen world by proclaiming the gospel of peace, by performing deeds of mercy, and by pursuing justice. ACU emphasizes the integration of faith and learning as it helps students develop talents for use wherever the Lord leads them. Thus, guided by the mind of Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, they are prepared to contribute holistically in many different contexts such as academic work in graduate and professional programs, church life, the family, the arts, businesses, schools, the government and civic organizations, the justice system, and community development efforts. After leaving ACU, students will have numerous opportunities to increase the usefulness of their talents and to serve others as Christ’s instruments. In an increasingly diverse, interconnected, and spiritually open world, ACU prepares students whose abilities to integrate faith and learning allow them to seize these opportunities, to appreciate the value of all kinds of work, and to imaginatively envision new ways to work for the kingdom of Christ.

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