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 Many have asked me why I decided to pack up my family and move halfway across the world (from Texas to Zambia). The answer is, ACU School of Divinity. The need for sound, gospel-centered, indigenous theological education in sub Saharan Africa is as great as the continent is vast, and ACU School of Divinity will help meet that need. ACU Seminary is a strategic work with the potential for both local and global impact for the cause of Christ. If this is the kind of education you seek, we welcome you to join us.
- Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr | Dean of ACU School of Divinity

What do we offer

Currently, ACU School of Divinity offers two MA courses. However, we expect to offer more MA courses, an M.Div., a Th.M., D.Min., and Ph.D. in the near future.

Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology

The MA in Pastoral Theology is a full-time, two year programme designed for those pursuing a calling in pastoral ministry.

Master of Arts in Institutional Chaplaincy

The MA in Institutional Chaplaincy is a full-time, two year programme designed for those pursuing a calling in pastoral ministry outside the local church (i.e., military, hospital, prison, educational, other chaplaincy).

Who are our professors?

Currently, ACU School of Divinity has three full lecturers (two holding doctoral degrees, a third completing his Ph.D. dissertation), four adjunct lecturers (all holding doctoral degrees), and three associate lecturers (each holding a minimum of an M.Div.). All of our lecturers not only hold degrees from top-level, reputable institutions (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, Toronto Baptist Seminary, University of Pretoria); they are also committed churchmen, with years of experience as local church pastors and elders.

Who qualifies?

ACU S accepts students with undergraduate degrees (in any field), credible Christian testimony, local church approval, and calling and biblical qualification for pastoral ministry.

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