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All programs offered at ACU are from a biblical worldview.

Scholars Programme

The Scholars Programme is a preparatory, A-Level calibre, certificate-granting programme that serves as the gateway to enter African Christian University.

Degree Programme

ACU offers 4-year Bachelor Programmes with a Core Curriculum developing the Christian World view foundation for critical thinking across the breadth of the humanities and sciences.

Post Graduate Programme

ACU School of Divinity is one of the post-graduate departments of the African Christian University, and a ministry of the Reformed Baptists of Zambia (ReBCAZ).


Latest Announcements

  • Tuesday, 20th - Friday, 23rd June 2023 : Mid - Term Examinations
  • Wednesday, 28th - Friday, June 2023 : Christian Scholars Week
  • Friday, 21st July 2023 : Last Day Of Class
  • Monday, 31st July - Friday 4th August 2023 : End of Term Examinations

What makes us unique

There are three key areas that make ACU's approach to education unique

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

Practical Application

Practical Application

Loving Relationships

Loving Relationships

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