The ACU Christian Scholars Week, February 22nd – 24th, is a time to reflect on the impact and heritage of Christian scholarship. This year features a lecture series given by Dr. John Byl, professor emeritus of Mathematics at Trinity Western University. ┬áDr. Byl has his PhD in Astronomy from the University of British Columbia, and has authored several books. The lecture series will emphasize the importance of approaching our academics from a Christ-centered perspective. The series will begin on Wednesday with Dr. Voddie Baucham opening the discussion, and it will continue through Friday with lectures by Dr. Byl.

Come and join the discussion during this year’s Christian Scholars Week.

The schedule is as follows:

    February 22nd @ 11:30 hrs – Dr. Voddie Baucham

    February 23rd @ 11:30 hrs – Dr John Byl

    February 24th @ 11:30 hrs – Dr. John Byl

    February 24th @ 16:00 hrs – Dr. John Byl